I was honestly pleasantly surprised when I first came across azteca deli in my opinion one of the best places to get authentic Mexican food around the sheapsheadbay area, wonderful front seating area with enough space to go in with a stroller I must say I was happy to find a place like azteca deli just a short distance away from my home since I was a queens resident some time ago it was hard to not find Mexican places around the area. However I must say that it’s hard for me to order from azteca deli due to poor customer service and it seems to only happen when the person taking my order is a lady named Maria there’s always an excuse as to why they can’t deliver to my address I’m told the delivery guy doesn’t deliver until after 12pm, that I live way too far from the store, that it’s way too hot for the delivery guy, that the delivery has way too many orders and when ever I’m not given an excuse my order always comes out wrong it’s so weird because when I order and a guy picks up I’m not given any excuses and my order comes out right. I recently ordered and when I called the store because my order was wrong Maria gave me 3 different excuses and stories as to why it was my fault the order was done wrong on the stores end I was told the delivery guy forgot the item and then that the kitchen didn’t understand her handwriting and then finally that if the delivery guy felt like he wanted to make an extra trip he would deliver the item if not she couldn’t force him to bring me the item once I told her I was going to go pick up the money I was charged for the item i did not get she was very rude and told me I was never charged for the item after she had obviously lied and said 3 different stories as to why I didn’t receive one of the items I ordered she then was very rude and hung up. I can honestly say azteca deli went from being one of my favorite places to order and go to but now I find it hard to want to order from them again.
Mexican products, great food.
Friendly staff. Great tacos and freshly squeezed orange juice. Not mentioning about the prices.
They have good authentic Mexican food and good cakes and Mexican meats and good Mexican candy but there delivery sucks but overall it is worth it
Good food, I order a torta here and there but they like to add nopal
This must be one of the BEST places for REAL mexican homemade food and goodies. It might not be the fancy restaurant you are looking for but if great food is what u are about THIS IS THE PLACE. You will have to wait quite a bit but it is so worth it. My recommendation: Cecina, Barbacoa and Consome de Chivo ... Exquisite